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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pizza Bomba

Today was a quiet day at work. The guy I was supposed to meet today (and the last few days) has been sick all week, leaving me to concentrate on other things. While less draining , it's still a bit annoying doing work on the computer, since I could be doing that back in Chicago rather than here. However, I did spend a little time in a worthwhile meeting this afternoon, so my time here is still useful.

The rest of the day was usual. We ate lunch at the same place we seem to eat in most days. I had pasta, and a side dish of a grilled cheese that looked and tasted like halloumi, but instead is something local. I forget the name, but it translates as "horse" cheese. I was assured that this did not mean that it was made from horses milk!

I also had a few pieces of dark chocolate with peperoncini (chilli). Very nice!

Dinner was a pizza "bomba" around the corner. They do make nice pizza here, though that's two nights in a row. I'll have to think of something different for tomorrow night.


The other guys are all leaving at 4am tomorrow morning. I'm extremely jealous of this. The only reason I'm here is because the CEO bought my tickets, and didn't read my schedule (which said I was supposed to leave on Friday). So now I'll be the only one from Chicago working here tomorrow.

Fortunately I still have some things to talk with people about, so the time will be productive. These conversations can be very time consuming and ineffective when done via phone, so I need to make the most of the time while I'm here. This is why my time on the computer in the last couple of days was frustrating, even if was easier on me. The main reason I had this time was because Lorenzo has been calling in sick all week. Fortunately, I have someone else to work with tomorrow, though it would better if Lorenzo is able to come in.

The other guys leaving has me thinking about leaving all the time. I hope I can concentrate tomorrow!

Since I'm staying the extra day, I'm going to be taking Monday off. We don't usually get any time off to make up for losing weekends and evenings to travel. This is probably because of the precedent set by the company founder, and the VP, who both travel regularly and work on the plane. I've tried working on the plane, and find that I just can't concentrate. The other guys here all agree that they can't either. But with the people in charge doing this and then showing up for work immediately without taking any extra time off, then it's difficult to argue for it.

One of the guys (who's leaving in the morning while I'm working) asked that I take Tuesday off instead, and come in on Monday so we can debrief while it's all still fresh. He didn't understand that it's not just about the extra day with my family (though that is a big part of it - and I promised Anne), but that I'm really going to need the downtime. The jetlag, back pain, and other ailments that I've avoided recording (you didn't really want to know, did you?) are all catching up with me, and another international flight is going to set me back. So I insisted that I wouldn't be coming in until Tuesday. I don't think I've made myself very popular, but I don't want to care (unfortunately I do, else I wouldn't have thought to write about it).


We had an amusing conversation the other night. Every room in this hotel has a bidet, as do all the stalls in the restrooms at work. No one from the USA (or myself from Australia) has encountered these before, though we all recognized what they are. Amusingly, everyone confessed to not really knowing how to use one. None of us have been game to try, as we feel we'd probably get something horribly wrong, and that just doesn't bear thinking about.

The conversation was amusing, and I was pleased to learn that I wasn't the only one intimidated by this piece of plumbing. Ironically, while confirming that I had the spelling right (I didn't), I discovered that Wikipedia has a long article detailing what they are and how to use them. It's amazing what people will take the time to write about (yes, that's a backhanded reference to myself as well).


It's earlier than usual now, so maybe I'll get a bit more sleep tonight. (Maybe I should proof read this missive for a change? Nah, I'd be breaking precedent). I thought that I should take all this writing energy and apply it to my long-neglected technical blog, but I don't think my head is in it. It was easier to do when I was allowed to write about my work (since I could just record what I'd done for the day), but now I'm supposed to think of something interesting to say. I can actually think of a couple of things, but they'd take me HOURS, and I don't have that kind of time.


At 1:23 AM, Anonymous June said...

you should've tried the bidet! :P it's a weird experience at first, but you'll feel cleaner compared to just wiping! :P I liked it so much that I even bought one and installed it at home (it's simple to install and doesn't require a plumber).


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