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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Every so often I'm reminded that my blog posts are out there to haunt me for the rest of my life. You'd think I'd put more thought into them, but instead I don't even proof read them. This one will be no exception.

Today's reminder was when I went to visit my chiropractor.

After being down with a virus for the last few days, I hadn't been exercising, and my back was getting stiff. I hadn't been to see the chiropractor in some time, and this was obviously a good reason to get reacquainted.

I'd received a letter to say that the doctor had moved, but I couldn't recall the new address. However, when I rang to find out, I discovered that he'd actually left he practice, and had started his own business. I quite like Dr Trottier, so I decided to follow him to the new premises (which the receptionist of the previous practice was kind enough to provide the address of). Once there I was impressed to discover a near new office space with a stunning view (as only Chicago can provide). Given that this is the first time Dr Trottier was working for and by himself, he had decided to treat himself with the latest and best equipment. He was obviously enjoying himself with all these new toys, and I was more than happy to be the beneficiary.

While discussing the rigmarole of establishing the new practice, Dr Trottier mentioned paying a Yellow Pages directory for internet advertising space. He was also particularly concerned about getting into Google, and asked about it. The funny thing about Google is that the harder you try to get ranked up, the more likely you are to be ranked down. They look very hard for anyone trying to artificially inflate their position, and demote (for want of a better term) anyone who seems to have forced the issue a little too hard.

About the only way you can guarantee a decent position in a search result is to pay Google directly for it. The new name of the practice is ChiroChicago but when I searched for "Chiro Chicago", I didn't see him in any of the first few pages, though the first page has 10 sponsored links for other local practices. Fortunately a search for "ChiroChicago" (no space between the words) put him hear the top though still after 2 sponsored links. Given the concern that he had over this, I'm beginning to see how Google makes their money.

I do know that incoming links helps a site, so maybe this post will lift his ranking by 0.000001%. Who knows. A more detailed site (with more interconnected pages, links to useful external sites, etc) might help him out as well. At the moment the site is just a short bio and nothing else, so he has a lot of scope there.

Getting back to my original comment about my blog haunting me... At the end of our discussion Dr Trottier told me that he'd tried Googling for himself to try to track down all mention of him that refers to the previous practice. In the process he discovered my blog entry about him from when I first arrived last year. This isn't the first time that someone has asked me about something I've written a long time ago, and on each occasion I can never quite remember what I wrote. I always hope I haven't offended anyone, but you never know. Fortunately, he was amused, particularly at my mention of his DSM-IV.

Hmmm, I wonder if I've made him feel self conscious about having that book at work? :-) (I suppose that depends on if he find this blog in another Google search for himself).

Anyway, with the first triathlons coming up soon, I like seeing a chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries (as they're what I'm most likely to need treatment for). New equipment is a nice bonus. So I hope that his business gets off to a good start. It will be interesting to see what happens to those Google rankings.


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